Changing Heart Rate to Futsal Players During Training Games


  • Cezar Honceriu Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Human Motricity Sciences of Iasi, 3, Toma Cozma, 700584, Romania
  • Petruț Florin Trofin Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, 3, Toma Cozma, 700584, Romania



Heart rate can be considered an accurate indicator of physical effort because it may unravel important data about one of the most important training and/or game factors: physical effort intensity. Few researches have referred to the heart rate of players practicing minifootball or futsal. Our research focused on assessing heart rate during exercise, namely during the futsal game. During the games, we monitored heart rate beat by beat, using Geonaute technology. Our study found that the average HR during exercise ranged between 102 beats/minute and 147 beats/minute; the arithmetic mean is 129 beats/minute; the expansion is 45 beats/minute, while the arithmetic mean of HRmax is 209 beats/minute. This stands to show that players frequently exceed the Fcmax limit, generally recommended by scientific literature.


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