The Role of Physical Therapy in the Re-education of Prehension in Elderly Patients


  • Alina-Mihaela Cristuță „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Marasesti 157, 600100, Romania



The recovery assistance in geriatrics targets two categories of patients - the elderly who become deficient and the deficients who become elders. Both categories achieve a particularly high percentage, due to most of the chronic illnesses that are so frequent with the elderly install dysfunctions that strengthen in time, and the deficients, due to the care they receive, reach the third age in an increasing number. The scope of the research was to highlight the role of physical therapy in the prehension re-education of the third age individuals, and the goals regarded the evaluation of the functional capacity; the detection of the functional dependency extent; prehension re-education with this category of age. The research methods used were set-up based on the research goals, and, therefore, the method of the bibliographical study method, the tests method, the statistical mathematical method and the graphical method were used.


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