Study on the Importance of Attention and Combativity in Competitions at Judoka athletes for 11-13 Years


  • Mihai-Adrian Sava „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Marasesti 157, 600100, Romania
  • Ana-Maria Panaitescu Secondary School no. 22, Bacău, General Guşă 3, 600234, Romania



Attention and combativeness are two factors which can influence the performance of the judoka. In order to demonstrate the importance of attention and combativeness in judo competitions, we made an observation protocol named “The importance of attention and combativeness in judo competitions” applied to a sample of 30 judokas aged 11-13 years old. By developing attention, judo athletes are able to mobilize timely and efficient forces to conduct rational behaviour. He has a higher speed of reaction rate, is focused more on the mat, the processes of perception arising faster, are more clear and active, his ability of observation increases as well the ability to seize the most unusual and difficult situations while fighting. Judokas’ control on their actions is rational and very accurate, and movements have perfect coordination and are more precise. He has self-confidence (Angus, 2006). He is able to perform a self-critical analyse after each match and draw conclusions for the next matches.


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