The Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Methods and Techniques in Treating Post-Immobilization Ankle Sprains


  • Cristina-Elena Popa „Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău, 157 Marasesti Av, 600115, Romania



The purpose of this paper is to particularize certain methods and techniques to diminish the post-immobilization sequelae. The research was conducted on two groups of subjects, experimental and control, each consisting of 3 patients. The control group subjects benefited from 10 electrotherapy sessions, according to the medical recommendations, whereas the experimental group subjects benefited from 10 physical therapy sessions. The control group subjects undertook a physiotherapy treatment between April and June, 2017, post-immobilization. The physical therapy intervention consisted in multiple methods and techniques that, over the course of the treatment were particularized according to the symptoms of the patients. The general conclusion that can be extracted from this study is that the use of physical therapy during the post-immobilization phase has beneficial effects on the patients' health, shortening their rehabilitation period, reducing the risk of complications and contributing to the consolidation of the positive results.


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