Experiment on the Improvement of the Playing Technique of ”C” Juniors in the Football Game


  • Vasile-Cătălin Savu „Dunarea de Jos” University, str. Garii nr. 63-65, Galati 800003, Romania
  • Petronel Moisescu „Dunarea de Jos” University, str. Garii nr. 63-65, Galati 800003, Romania




In the opinion of the specialists, the technique was left behind by the speed of the game and a reassessment and a readaptation of the methods and operational means must be initiated from children and Juniors stage, in order to recreate the way and access to great performance of new exceptional generations in football. On analyzing the technique of the game, we will find totally different evolutions compared to the past, when it was much more static and we do not mean the senior teams, but to groups of juniors who are starting to play football for the first time on a field with specific dimensions following the laws of the game. Currently, the technique is expressed through velocity, in constant motion, with almost permanent opposition from the opponent, having reached unimaginable values in the recent past. Technique is now complex, rapid, adequate to the varied game situations and with a permanent opposition.


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