Study on the Optimization of Physical Training in Students who are Members of the University Representative Soccer Team


  • Vasile-Cătălin Savu “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galați, Garii, 63-65, 800003, Romania



The increase in players' performance due to the development of effort capacity has become more and more dominant in recent years, because of the ever-increasing contribution of science. The maximization of the connection between the physical, technical and tactical aspects of the soccer game focuses on designing the training session and on the clear justifications of the specific methods used in the modern game. To comply with a particular technical or tactical game system or plan, players must be able to physically carry out the requirements of this approach. If traditional football training used to focus primarily on player's technical and tactical development, to the detriment of physical training, the people involved in the educational processes have changed this with the intention of giving physical training a greater time span.


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