Making Physics Attractive to High-School Students Through Sports


  • M. Martínez-Muñoz Universidad de Alcalá,Spain
  • J. Muñoz-Jiménez Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
  • M.J. García-Gómez Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  • I. Valiente-Blanco Universidad de Alcalá,Spain
  • E. Díez-Jiménez Universidad de Alcalá,Spain



Most of high-school students have typically lower assimilation of the basic concepts of physics in comparison with other subjects which are closer to their daily life. In addition, the technical language fairly used in physics lessons is far away from their common vocabulary, thus generating estrangement and lack of interest. The idea hereby proposed is trying to get high-school students closer to physics by integrating concepts of physics and technical language in their sport activities. In this work, an innovative experimental and demonstrative pedagogical methodology is described. The methodology is based on two main pillars: embracing concepts while playing and normalizing technical language during pleasant moments. The work provides several activities descriptions and procedures as well as suggestions of technical language, uses to physics and sports high-school teachers in order to achieve a better inclusion of physics in high-school students.


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