Training of Physical Education Competences of the Secondary School Pupils by Interactive Methods


  • Ion Carp State University of Physical Education and Sport, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Andrei Fisticanu Theoretical High School „Ion Inculet”, Vorniceni, Straseni, Republic of Moldova
  • Ina Truhin State University of Physical Education and Sport, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova



The modernization of the secondary education process involves several components such as: didactic projects, pupils' knowledge and assessment techniques and tools, educational partnerships, extracurricular activities, an active didactic methodology. Learning by means of cooperation of pupil-on-pupil type is more effective than individual learning, which leads, in terms of pupils’ interaction, to an advantage found in feelings of acceptance and sympathy. In the context of what has been said, we aimed to investigate the issue of making the physical education competences of pre-university institutions more efficient by applying interactive methods, as the methodology emphasizes research-discovery learning, own effort learning, independent or directed, on creative thinking and imagination. Based on the study of the specialized bibliography, the practical experience accumulated in the instructive-educational work with the pupils, as well as the research, we have succeeded in demonstrating that the use of active-participatory methods accelerates knowledge acquisition, abilities training and motor skills.


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