Anthropometric Characteristics, Body Composition and Body Type of Young Tennis Players


  • Vasilios Koronas Ekpedeutiria Apostolos Paulos, Panorama Thessalonikis, Greece
  • Maria Tsigelidou Ekpedeutiria Apostolos Paulos, Panorama Thessalonikis, Greece



Many coaches and doctors tend to identify an “ideal body type” that the athletes must maintain in order for them to excel in each sport. In most cases, the athletes are compared in terms of height, weight, height-weight ratios and posture and many are discouraged to do a particular type of sports based on their anthropometric characteristics. However, in reality, not all people have the same body types of bodily composition and, for the most part, weight, body fat and posture can be improved through the years by exercise and practice. The purpose of this study was to assess the anthropometric characteristics of tennis players that are still adolescents For the purpose of the survey, real data were used, with the researcher measuring the body fat of the athletes, the bone structure, the height and weight as well as estimating the Body Mass Index of the teens.


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