Comparative Study Regarding the Ability to Control the Power, Speed, and Dynamic Balance in Seventh Graders


  • Cătălina Ababei „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Calea Marasesti 157, 600100, Romania



Agility, defined in the Romanian Language Dictionary as movement ease, suppleness enjoys today a special attention from the experts in the field, its development methods and means being increasingly diversified. Considering these ideas, the research started from the following working hypothesis: the application of the Three-Cone Drill test to the Bacau seventh graders could indicate the development level of the three aspects, which could lead to a possible assessment of the effectiveness of the methods and means used for this purpose. The Three-Cone Drill test belongs to the authors Reiman, and Manske (2009) who have described it in their book. This study used the following research methods: the documentation method, the observation method, the testing method, the statisticalmathematical method for analyzing and interpreting the data, and the graphical representation method. The study has confirmed partially the starting hypothesis.


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