Influences of Physical Education Lesson Movement Games on the Motor Behavior of Primary School Pupils


  • Tatiana Dobrescu “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacau, Calea Marasesti 157, Bacau, 600115, Romania



physical education lesson, movement games, motor behavior, primary school pupil


This study draws the teachers' attention toward the effectiveness of one of the most dynamic methods and means of physical education - the dynamic game. The research hypothesis starts from the assumption that movement games used in the physical education lesson can influence the skills of primary school pupils. The research was conducted over the course of academic year 2018-2019, consisting of an observational experiment on a target group of 55 pupils, of 2 primary grades from School 1 of Salceni, Pochidia, Vaslui county. The research methods used were: the study of professional literature, the observation, the experiment, the testing, the statistical-mathematical method, and the graphical representation. The results of this research confirm the positive role played by movement games in the physical education lesson if they are rationally used and rigorously selected based on the set goals, to train the psycho-motor skills in primary school children.


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