Handball Teams Training Programming in Mesocycles Designed for Juniors II, Bacau Sports Club


  • Constantin Șufaru „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Calea Mărășești 157, 600115, Romania




handball, educational-instructional objectives, mesocycles, means of action


The mesocycle is an optimal algorithm designed to successfully achieve the final aim of the training/activity. This target is followed through the scheduled periods of training and the strategic pace of the training components, and its completion must be marked both by the physical, technical and tactical indicators, as well as by the result of the final results of the official games from the competitive periods. The mesocycle is a short-term operational plan/schedual. It was assumed that a programming of the instructional-educational objectives and of the means of action on mesocyles of the junior II of the Bacău School Sports Club program could lead to the completion of the game model, to a correct systematic approach to the sports training. The purpose of the research is the elaboration of mesocycles for each stage included in the general annual handball training program for the junior level II from the Bacau School Sports Club.


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