Learning Chess at Primary School by Game


  • Mihaela Butnariu University of Pitesti, Târgul din Vale Street No.1, Pitesti, 110040, Romania
  • Monica-Ionela Butnariu University of Bucharest, Panduri Road No. 90-92, Bucharest, 0500663, Romania




primary school, learning, game, chess


This work presents a game dedicated to children from the primary cycle through which they will acquire the elementary knowledge of chess. The game can be conducted with two teams, each team consisting of one to eight children. The basic principle is that of performing the specific movements of each chess piece through a cube, used as a dice. Each child will throw the cube on the surface of the game marked on the ground in the form of a chess table and will perform the specific movement of the chess piece drawn on the top of the cube. The player who will first reach the end of the route will be declared winner and will receive a number of points equal to the number of players. The game proposed by us to learn chess, blends very well learning the correct removal of chess pieces with carrying out motor activities.


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