Introduction of Kinetotherapy in Fitness Training in Order to Correct Kyphotic Attitude


  • Nicoleta – Adina Nicolescu-Șeușan Pitești University, Doctoral School in Sports Science and Physical Education



posture, kyphotic attitude, fitness, periodization, overcompensation, evolution


This study was performed on a sample group of 10 persons, ages between 30 and 40 years, all experienced practitioners of group fitness training, having professions among modern trades. I conceived a macrocycle lasting 6 months, whose mesocycles are structured starting from a 100% kinetotherapy base, following as with the transition from a mesocycle to another, each mesocycle to have, depending on the phase of work, a different weight of the physical therapy and fitness exercises and a permanent change of the variables in order to obtain a continuous adaptation, alternating the volume and the intensity. Although it is no longer in the process of growth – time by which is a deficiency is supposed to be corrected, working with an individual on the muscular side - relaxing the shortened muscles of the incorrect posture, shortening elongated muscles, implementing in the consciousness of the individual the idea of correct posture.


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