Study Regarding the Evolution of the Performances in Women's Pole Vaulting, Nationally and Internationally


  • Carmina Mihaela Vorovenci „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Calea Mărășești 157, 600115, Romania



pole vaulting, performance, track and field


Pole vaulting is one of the most technical events in track and field. Many historical sources, consisting of documents and images, speak of the antiquity of this sporting event, considered to this day as the most technical event of athletics. The top performances recorded in the last few years have seriously challenged the experts in regards to the limitations of the human body and the complexity of the materials and equipments used. This study tries to find what was the determining factor in the evolution of the athletes participating in official national and international pole vaulting competitions. That is why we asked ourselves if the evolution of the performances in the pole vault is influenced by the level of training and the materials used.


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