The Role of Programmes of Adapted Physical Activities in Improving the Somato-Functional Parameters of the Elderly


  • George Dănuț Mocanu „Dunărea de Jos” University, 63-65, Gării Street, Galați 800003, Romania
  • Florentina Cristea „Dunărea de Jos” University, 63-65, Gării Street, Galați 800003, Romania



adaptability, physical activities, old people, somato-functional indicators


An active lifestyle represents both a goal and a challenge for the people from the elderly category. The modern society is responsible for finding some optimal solutions for activating this category of the population, in view of the long term development of its potential and experience, as well as for avoiding social isolation physical activities – adapted to the specific requests and problems of this segment – may successfully contribute to optimizing the physical and mental tonus, thus enabling the improvement of the problems related to the general motricity, the body weight indicators or the functional values. The study performed on a group of students registered within the University of the Elderly of Galați emphasizes that, by the efficient selection and planning of several categories of physical exercises, the aimed results can be obtained, by aiming the specific parameters; moreover, certain limits of favourable influencing can be identified regarding other measured indicators


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