Influences of Fitness-Type Activities in a Sample of Middle-Age People


  • Tatiana Dobrescu „Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Calea Mărășești 157, 600115, Romania



influences, fitness activities, population sample, middle age


The purpose of this research was to identify the role played by aerobic gymnastics means in stimulating the psycho-motor skills markers in middle age people. The research hypothesis was elaborated, stating that presumably, the application of fitness-type aerobic gymnastics programs, rationalized and selected for middle age people, can stimulate their psycho-motor and functional markers, influencing their life expectancy. In order to verify the hypothesis, an experiment was conducted at the Know Limits Studio fitness club in Bacau, on a target group of 8 female middle age subjects (60-65 years old) who practiced aerobics at this gym. The research methods used for this paper were: the study of the bibliographical material, the observation, the experiment, the tests, the statistical-mathematical method and the graphical representation method. Practicing aerobic gymnastics based on a certain rigorously elaborated schedule, which included "cardio", and aerobic steps, lead to the development of motor skills to superior levels.


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