The Assessing of Some Motor Skills Dimensions of High School Adolescents, an Advantage in Promoting Extracurricular Activities


  • Popescu Cătălin University of Pitesti, Doctoral School of Sports Science and Physical Education, Targul din Vale, 1, Pitesti, 110040, Romania
  • Mihăilescu Liliana University of Pitesti, Targul din Vale, 1, Pitesti, 110040, Romania



motor capacity, body harmony, body mass index, recovery, extracurricular activity


The aim of our study was to highlight the level of some motor ability dimensions using four standardized instruments. The study involved 102 male students from "Constantin Brâncoveanu" High School in Horezu, Vâlcea County, grades IX-XII. Centralization of the
results, their processing, analysis and interpretation, according to each assessment instrument, show unsatisfactory results in terms of the body's ability to adapt to effort, a reduced capacity for recovery after effort, in conditions of normal weight and good thoracic
development. The results of our evaluation allow us to consider that it is necessary, on the one hand, to restructure the contents, optimize the direction of physical effort, rethink the way lessons are organised in the teachers' teaching strategies and, on the other hand, to initiate and improve extracurricular motor activities in order to increase the level of motor capacity of pupils in this category of adolescents.


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