Study on the Identification of Execution Errors, Causes, and Specific Corrective Kinetic and Prophylactic Means in Free Throws in Basketball


  • Olteanu Mircea Ionut Transilvania University of Brasov, Eroilor 28, 500068, Romania
  • Badau Dana Transilvania University of Brasov, Eroilor 28, 500068, Romania
  • Martoma Alina Transilvania University of Brasov, Eroilor 28, 500068, Romania



execution errors, causes, real-time, free throw in basketball, corrective kinetoprophylaxis


The identification of execution errors in real-time correction through an innovative specific device to free throw refinement, and through corrective kinetic and prophylactic exercises adapted to basketball game. The study included 92 subjects structured into sports categories: U14, U16, U18, and by gender: female (46 subjects) and male (46 subjects). Subjects were observed to identify the incidence of execution errors in free throws, their causes and correction methods during the study's testing. The study results highlight the decrease in the number of execution errors between the final and initial testing due to the implementation of innovative technology specific to free throw refinement and the application of specific corrective kinetic and prophylactic exercises. For all junior and gender categories of the study, the number of errors decreased in the final testing compared to the initial one, highlighting the importance of identifying errors and causes in real-time and correcting them through specific means.


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