Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Action of a Scorer From a NBA Team and One of the Basketball National League


  • Ionuț Onose „Al.I.Cuza” University Iaşi, Bulevardul Carol I, 700506, Romania
  • Raluca Mihaela Hodorcă „Al.I.Cuza” University Iaşi, Bulevardul Carol I, 700506, Romania
  • Gabriel Renato Petrea „Al.I.Cuza” University Iaşi, Bulevardul Carol I, 700506, Romania
  • Andrei Soveja



The complexity and diversity of the game of basketball are the basic elements that define it as a sport, being watched and practiced by a significant number of people. Professional League attract the best practitioners of basketball from all corners of the world. In Romania, basketball becomes the forefront of sports games through consistency of import of foreign players alongside domestic ones, create attractive moments for the present spectators. In the conduct of the study, it has gone from the suppisition that there are significant differences between the effectiveness of action by the scorer from a team in the NBA and one in the LNB. Research has been carried out during the regular season,     2015-2016, 2 teams being analysed are representative of their respective Championships: Golden States Warriors and CSM Oradea. As a result of carrying out the analysis, the surprising results that concluded certain aspects of effectiveness in the teams.


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