Determining the Relationship Between Coronavirus Anxiety Level and Physical Activity in Adults


  • Emine Ergin İstanbul Aydın University, 34295, Turkey
  • Neslihan Lok Selcuk University, Konya, 42130, Turkey
  • Sefa Lok Selcuk University, Konya, 42250, Turkey



Individuals, Physical activity, Coronavirus Anxiety


The aim of this study is to determine the coronavirus anxiety level of individuals, their physical activity levels and to evaluate the relationship between them. The study was carried out in Konya city center, Selçuklu district. Individuals who resided in all neighborhoods of Selçuklu district of Konya province and had not been diagnosed with Covid-19 before or who did not enter contact quarantine due to Covid-19 constituted the study. When the physical activity level of the individuals was evaluated, it was determined that 64.8% of them were not physically active, 19% of them had a low physical activity level and 16.2% had sufficient physical activity level. The coronavirus anxiety scale mean score of the individuals was found to be 11.87 ± 3.85. As a result, while women were in the risk group in terms of physical activity, perceiving their health badly and having any chronic diseases were determined as risk factors.


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