Influencing the Rhythm and Tempo Ability in Sports Dance for Athletes in the Age Group 12-13 Years


  • Andreea Maria Adam “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați, 63-65 Gării Street, 800003, Romania



rhythm ability, tempo, sport dance, juniors, sports training


The purpose of the study was to determine the level of rhythm and tempo for dancers. This research was conducted in 12 pairs and was organized between 2016 and 2017. The methods used aimed to improve the ability of rhythm and tempo in the Viennese Waltz by
using specific exercises and means borrowed from other sports. The tests used were: The test for rhythmic ability and the test for tempo which has in its structure regular figures from sports dance. The results confirmed the efficiency of the means used by us in
training. In the tempo test, the subjects obtained in T.I an average value of the mark of 6.37 and in T.F an average of the mark of 8.06. In the test for rhythmic ability, our subjects obtained an average value in T.I of 68.12 points, and an average of 79.37 in T.F. The result
of an organized sports training and a regular repetition of the basic rhythmic structures, influences the rhythm and tempo capacity of the athlete.


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