The Students' Motivation Regarding the Improvement of Their Fitness Through the Curricular Options of the Physical Education and Sports Study Program


  • Tatiana Dobrescu ”Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacau, 157, Calea Marasesti, 600115, Romania



motivation, students, fitness, curricular options


The aim of this research was to discover, through a questionnaire, the elements that influence the students' motivation to improve their fitness, and seeing the sources that have the most positive results. In this sense, a sociological study was organized between 2015-2017 on a group of 64 second year undergraduate Physical Education and Sports students (PES), of the Faculty of Movement, Health and Sports Sciences of Bacau. The points given by the respondents to each item offered us the possibility to analyze the motives within the 5 groups of needs identified by the authors: physiology, security, social contacts, esteem, consideration, and self-accomplishment. These results prove that the second year PES students are aware of the important role played by muscle training, team spirit, communication and understanding with the people around them, being convinced of the effects of the socialization and relating in their everyday life and their future career.


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