• Nenad ŽIVANOVIĆ The Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Niš


This forgetfulness, which spans into the future, is lasciviously offered to man through the
spirit of entertainment, which is manifested by means of superficiality, an ever-shifting nature
and treacherous temporariness. Live fast – because youth is transitory, eat fast – so that you do
not lose out on life and the promised hedonism, or your own happiness, and die fast – since a life
without youth is not worthy of you; this is what is recommended by movie “stars” and “famous”
celebrities, all of the young and smiling – set up on street billboards, in TV commercials and
Hollywood movies.
Empty personalities forget and reject the fullness of their own being. In addition, they
forget that words are not merely the indifferent streaming of air, but active spiritual strength.

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