The Relationship Between Happiness and Smart Phone Addiction in Regular Physical Exercises


  • Uyaroğlu Arzu Koçak Selcuk University Nursing Faculty, Konya, Turkey
  • Neslihan Lok Selcuk University Nursing Faculty, Konya, Turkey
  • Sefa Lok Selcuk University Nursing Faculty, Konya, Turkey



Physical exercise, happiness, smartphone addiction


The purpose of this study is to determine the happiness and smartphone addiction levels of individuals who do regular physical exercise, and to evaluate the relationship between the level of happiness with smartphone addiction and sociodemographic variables. This study has been planned as a descriptive relational. The average age of the participants is 25.57 ± 7,033, 62.7% of them are male, 39.7% are high school graduates, 81.7% are single, 42.1% perceive their income as good,% It was determined that 39.7% perceived their health status as good, 54.0% did not have any chronic disease and 61.9% had children. In the study, it was observed that women were happier than men, married women were single, university graduates than primary and high school graduates, and those who perceived good income and health status were happier than those who perceived poor and medium health, and the difference was statistically significant.


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